Alpemix for Windows

Fast and Easy Remote Support and Presentation

Alpemix is a desktop sharing and support tool that makes connecting with remotely located computers easy and seamless.

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  • Useful for multiple purposes
  • Free and no membership needed


  • Not the only remote desktop tool in town
  • Could be buggy
  • at times

Alpemix is a desktop sharing and support tool that makes connecting with remotely located computers easy and seamless.

Complete and Frills-Free

Alpemix doesn’t need any installation or particular setting adjustments. It also works behind any NAT proxy and firewall. To connect to a remote computer, both machines should be running Alpemix. A user ID and password would be needed for a secure connection. The software tool supports audio communication, text messaging, file transfer, etc. To enable desktop remote control, there are three ways to contact remote computers: continuous access password, sending connection offer with the help of a user list, and user ID and password. The tool can also be used on smartphones and tablets. All the communication happens using high security standards such as 1024-bit RSA and 256-bit AES. For connecting to a remote desktop, run Alpemix.exe on your computer.

Ideal Usage Scenarios

The tool comes in handy in various scenarios. It could be used for remote maintenance and support. You may help your family, friend or customer facing issues with their computers. The person on the other side need not possess any technical knowledge to get things to work. You may discuss work even if your team members are located at different places. The technology can also be used to make product demos right from your computer for others to see. Not to mention, how handy this tool would turn out for teachers and students into remote education.

Remote Desktop Control

Alpemix is a remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer software. It works behind any firewall and NAT proxy. It doesn't require installation or specific settings adjustments. For connect to another computer just run Alpemix on both machines. And enter ID and password number of other machine. Than you will connect to this machine immediately.

Situations suitable for usage

Support and maintenance:

You can help your customer, family, friends having problems with their computers by connecting them remotely. No need for opposite person to make and setting or having technical knowledge.

Education, Presentation, Meeting:

You can discuss on a computer at the same time with your team friends at different places and make presentations.

- It is a software which does not require installation, does not require the configuration of any settings.

- File size is very small

- It is one of the best software which you can find with regards to the performance

- Although it has many advanced features, it’s a software which is very easy to use.

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Alpemix 2.6

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  • Haresh Kalwani

    by Haresh Kalwani

    very good software. this is very good software for share for all type of our programe and more